Relate Well Live Well Hope Weekend

Hope Weekend’s purpose is simple: to enhance the lives of children and families by healing and restoring troubled marriages.

Relate Well Live Well’s Hope Weekend program is dedicated to couples facing extreme challenges and stress, those contemplating divorce in their marriage, or those simply seeking a more profound connection more intimate with one another.

Hope Weekend is a marriage intensive, which succeeds over 80 percent of couples who complete the entire experience. While traditional marriage counseling can take more time, a program like Hope Weekend can clear obstacles and simplify the issues over three to four days, providing resources to develop skills that will generate positive outcomes for the couple.

An intensive marriage workshop also provides a way to deepen the connection and intimacy in the marriage. Through proven resources that offer immediate results, Relate Well Live Well can help couples deepen their bonds with each other.

Our primary purpose is to help our community save their marriage and families through faith and hope. Hope Weekend combines Christian principles with the latest research that will help couples succeed.

Themes in the discussion include:

  • Reconnect and develop/restore trust.
  • Develop a stronger sense of “Us” and oneness.
  • Experience more profound levels of intimacy, knowledge, and understanding of one another.
  • Discover the essential relationship skills required to build, maintain, and sustain a deeply bonded and connected relationship.
  • Strengthen communication and conflict resolution skills.
  • Develop emotional regulation skills.
  • Reduce some of the relational pain that has accumulated over time.

We offer Hope Weekend in several different locations ranging from weekends away to simplified local workshops to better accommodate yours and your spouse’s specific needs. Our Hope Weekend includes over 20 hours of marriage instruction, and it usually takes three to four days.

Here’s what couples in our community have been saying about their experience at Hope Weekend:

“What I liked about Hope Weekend, and I appreciated, is that you’re surrounded by people coming at life from the same book. Yet, you’re all there sharing one another’s burdens, and nobody’s judging you.”

Having a safe space to connect emotionally and to learn how to express what we were feeling was the saving grace for our marriage. If it wasn’t for the Hope Weekend falling at that exact time and for Relate Well Live Well, I have no idea where our marriage would be today.” Don’t wait until the last minute to save your marriage. Resentment kills love and our goal is to break the chains of mistrust and hopelessness, this is why we named it Hope Weekend. We would seek to restore hope in your relationship’s future.

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